Chapter 12 – Don’t tell me…

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“What? What happened?”

Did Murina make something weird and waste the ingredients? I panicked and headed toward the kitchen. 

I saw the thing that was in front of Murina, who was holding a kitchen knife. It was white, flat, and thin, next to it was a well-cut noodle-like product.

“What’s the problem…”

Lilishella who looked at me and shook her head made me think.

Of course, there is no such thing as noodles in this world, or at least in this area.

“Murina, is that something you’ve seen at your original household?”

I ask this knowing that even if she had eaten it back at her younger age, it’s unlikely she had already known how to make it. Murina shook her head and stopped her hand, and clearly made a face that says “Oh sh**” 

“Murina, what are you making? Did you know this kind of food already, or did you come up with this yourself?”

Murina looked down and refused to answer as she kept her silence.

“Murina-chan, do you know what this is?”

The thing in front of me. It’s a dish that both Lilishella and I know very well. A good smell comes from the pot. The contents of the pot were the cooked vegetables that Lilishella had brought earlier, which are similar to tomatoes and eggplants on Earth.

The answer to the question, what Murina is trying to make, is probably pasta.

It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten something like that since my reincarnation, and I’m almost drooling over the food, but…….

“… Forgive me, nii-sama, Lilishella-anesama…. I said nothing about this…”

I probably know what she’s going to say. Likewise, I’m sure Lilishella, who glanced at me, would have imagined the same thing. What I saw in front of me was a dish I saw before I was reborn. I knew how to make it back then. That’s why…….

“Believe it or not, I have memories of when I was alive before…… before I was born”


Lilishella asked again, purposefully.

We faced the same fate, but she didn’t know it. 

“I used to live in another world under the name ‘Mirina Shinzaki’. This dish is part of the memory from that time ……”

Listening to Murina’s explanation, Lilishella’s hand trembled more and more. Yes, both ‘Yukiya’ and ‘Risa’ know the person with that name.

[Murina-chan, why…]

“Lilishella-anesama, why did you call me with that… no, why that language…”

When asked by Murina, Lilishera looked at my face while holding my hand firmly. I silently nodded to her.

[I’m Risa, this is my brother Yukiya.]


As it was, Murina became speechless.

Looking at her reaction made me confident.

She was a childhood friend of ours and was a girl who often played with Risa. She was one year younger than Risa and was like another sister to me.

[I heard that you were killed in a bus accident…]

When she graduated from elementary school, she moved due to her parents’ circumstances, and we rarely met her face-to-face, but we still kept in touch with her occasionally. So maybe she heard later on from our parents that we died.

[It looks like we were reborn here.]

[Maybe… that’s why you two share the same birthday]

Gripping my hand even more, Lilishella smiled bitterly. 

Suddenly, I had a question. 

[But if Mi-chan is here, then…]

[Yes, I had leukemia the year after you two died…]

I had heard that she was ill, but I never imagined that she would die at such a young age.

[I thought it was enough for it to be only me and onii-chan, but also Miri-chan… what a great coincidence]

[I was in recollection of the days I spent with the two of you when I was dying… maybe it was exactly because I wanted to go back to that time.]

Tears ran down Murina’s cheeks.

At that moment, Lilishella’s hand, which was holding my hand, loosened. Sensing her intention, I also let go of her hand. Shortly after, she jumped and hugged Murina.

“Yeah, from now on, let’s stay together. It’s nice to see you again.”

It seemed that tears were floating in Lilishella’s eyes.

And after that speech, she seemed to whisper something in Murina’s ear, but I couldn’t hear it.

Murina and Lilishella. This is somewhat strange, is this a thread of fate? Is this what you called a “destiny”? [1]

Cies is… different, right?

Oayo…. Okay where do I start… HOLY F*** WHY DIDN’T I THINK OF THIS PLOT TWIST. I kid you not, I was totally surprised. Now, if they actually make Cies following the same trend, then I wonder how will the author do it. Anyway, just one TL Note for today:

  1. This destiny (縁) can mean a lot. In a narrow meaning, yes, it’s just destiny. But in a broader sense, it’s a destiny that tied people with a mysterious force. It can also mean an affinity to familial ties. 

Oh yeah, just for note. I might be gone for a couple of days because I’m bored, so next chap might be late. Ciao 






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