Chapter 11 – The beginning rain

Translator: oayo | Proofreader: TheDoru

On the day when my parents went away.

Despite the early morning rain, our parents took Cies and Lilishella’s parents out early in the morning. They didn’t say anything noteworthy when they left, as if they weren’t worried about their children.

I believe it would be better if they at least show some concern since they’re going to leave three children around the age of ten years old. 

With all the doors closed, the three of us went to the school building as usual, and after we took classes, all three of us came home. Murina’s class ended a little earlier, but I made her wait until I and Lilishella were done, just to be safe. 

“It’s starting to rain a lot harder…”

“It’s going to be a storm at this rate”

Even though it wasn’t evening yet, the sky was dark, and it seemed as if night had already arrived.

The sound of rain pounding on the window and the occasional strong wind noise can be heard loudly.

“Well, let’s prepare dinner.”

I can’t cook, but I take the initiative to enter the kitchen. I believe there must be at least something prepared in advance, and maybe I can cook something with it. 


I raised my voice involuntarily.

I was confronted with the harsh realization that I was truly naive. Not only did we not have anything prepared, but there were hardly any ingredients at all.

“What is it, anything wrong?”

In response to my voice, Lilishella, who was sitting on a chair in the living room, rushed into the kitchen.

“I don’t think we can make anything with this…”

Looking at the kitchen, Lilishella had a wry laugh spontaneously.

[This brings back old memories]

[Something similar did happen many times before…]

The former siblings stare at each other in astonishment.

[It was okay back then because there was a convenience store nearby]

I don’t think the store is open at this time of the day and in this weather. But it would be impossible to buy food anyway because I doubt they even left us any money to begin with.

[You’re right…]

I heard footsteps coming down the stairs, so we stopped talking.

“What’s wrong?”

Perhaps because she heard a conversation, she comes late into the kitchen. 

“Oh… as you can see, we have nothing to eat. We don’t even have bread, what do we do…”

“If we didn’t have anything, I wish they would have said something in the morning”

Following Murina’s complaint, we shrug our shoulders. We start looking around for something that we could use. 

“Well then, I’ll go back to my house and see if there’s anything.”

“Oh, please do.”

Lilishella picked up her umbrella, put on her raincoat, and went out.

“Then, I should prepare for a bath for the time being…”

I can’t cook, so I had nothing to do. That’s why I lit a fire in the kamado and put a big pot of water on it. [1]

Beside me, Murina is still pondering around while opening and closing the cupboard. She may be wondering if she can make something with anything we have.

While I am watching over the state of the pot, I’m looking at how things go with Murina, when suddenly the wind blows in. 

“I’m back! This is the only vegetables I found at home” 

As Murina begins to mix some sort of Eto wheat flour – the equivalent of wheat flour, I go to pick up Lilishella. [2]

“Welcome back. Well aren’t you soaked in rain…”

“It was a terrible rain after all. But, don’t I look good with dripping water like this?” [3]

Lilishella grins and winks.

“Yes-yes, stop joking. You’ll catch a cold, so take a quick bath and change your clothes.”


She goes past me, and she pouts as she was feeling dissatisfied while handing me the vegetables. 

“I’ll bring you the hot water as soon as possible, so now go-go”

“Yeeesss. But just because we’re childhood friends, don’t you dare peek!”

She made a gesture of holding her index finger onto my lips, she made it feel charming for her age, and I’m pretty sure I just saw a tail of a little devil. 

I gave Murina the vegetables I received from Lilishella. She seems delighted by it. 

“I can make something good with this!”

“Oh… oh, that’s good. Is there anything I can help you with?”

“No. It’s okay. Just bring the hot water with you, and please wait over there”

Murina washed the vegetables and began to prepare them. I’m somewhat surprised at her cooking skill, which didn’t suit her age.

After a while, Lilishella returned after bathing. 

“Sorry for taking the first turn”

“No, no. Don’t worry about it.”

“Well then, I’ll help with the cooking.”

Lilishella’s hair, which hasn’t dried yet, sways, and for some reason it made me feel nervous. She’s my former sister, a former sister. It was right after I saw her off from the living room while I’m brushing my mind off various thoughts. 

“What are you making, Murina-chan!?”

The voice of Lilishella echoed from the kitchen.

Oyooo. Aight, lookin at the previous chap’s comments (shout out to Darcemeus, Styuwd, Enne, Anemptyexistence), I feel so happy I shed a tear to see this community growing splendidly. 

Anyway, here some TL notes:

  1. Kamado is Japanese traditional charcoal-fueled cook stove 
  2. I can’t find anything about Eto wheat flour (エト麦の粉), but Eto itself can mean sexagenarian cycle… which is 12 year Chinese zodiac… I don’t think it’s related. But there’s also a chance this Eto is just a name, so I left it as it is. 
  3. Sigh. I have a feeling this could be a pun. So the raw said 水もしたたるいい女でしょ, and 水もしたたる can mean “to be impressively handsome/beautiful”. But in other way 水 (water), したたる (dripping), いい女 (good girl) can certainly tell us she’s a “a girl looking nice with dripping water”. So yeah, it can go both ways, or maybe I’m just reading too deep into this. Who knows. 






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