Chapter 10 – Yukia and his two sisters

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I know Murina is cute.

No, I definitely believe she’s cute, I said this even though she’s my relative. Ignoring a few flaws within her personality, she’s a perfect girl. 

And she’s not my biological sister, she’s my cousin by blood. There’s no problem if I want to marry her in the future.

But as far as I’m concerned, she’s still my sister. I’m hesitant to put my hands on her.

As for Lilishella, we’re not related at all. And there’s no question about her perfect looks.

But inside, she’s my former sister. That’s the biggest obstacle for me. If it weren’t for that one thing, she would have been the perfect match for my “Beautiful Childhood Friend Lover Plan”.

The fact that she was my younger sister inevitably holds me down from going through this plan.

Every day I commute to school, sandwiched between those two.

Occasionally, I get stares from people and my classmates who passed me by. From their viewpoint, they probably said, “This is that son of a bit*h who has the nerve to get two beautiful girls”

Actually, that’s not true, dear boys. They’re actually the source of my problems. 

First problem. 

There are some cute girls in my class, and I’m like, “Oh, I want to be friends with them,” but Lilishella marked them for good. 

If I tried to get close to them, she’d barge in on me. I don’t know if she’s keeping me away or protecting me from those girls. 

Anyhow, Lilishella-san, please stop interfering in your former brother’s love life. 

Second problem. 

Murina’s negative aura is too much, especially when a girl talks to me on our way to school. 

I tried to pretend I didn’t notice it, but there have been times when I’ve been forced to cut the conversation short because I sensed that either I or the girl was about to be harmed.

Murina-san, please stop giving off your dark aura.


I was at home trying to find a solution about my two ‘little sisters’ when Cies, who was rolling on the floor beside me, called out to me. She just turned one year old and is our angel.

She is so full of healing elements that I think she is emitting negative ions. I just hope she won’t become like her older sisters in the future.

Her current favorite activity seems to be rolling a little toy around and crawling to get it. I thought she was like a dog, and as I was playing with her as she urged me to, Lilishela and Murina, who had been playing outside, came into the house talking to me about something.

“Ara~, Yukia, you’re here?”

“Is it wrong for me to be in my own home?”

I pat Cies’s head and look at Lilishella’s face.

“Just in time. It seems like my parents and yours will be gone away by tomorrow” 

“Hm? What did you say?”

I glare at Lilishella as I think of what kind of joke is that 

“No, I heard it was decided just now. It was for a matter of work…”

Murina has a perplexed look on her face, I think she’s telling the truth. 

“For that reason, I will stay in this house from tomorrow morning. Please treat me well”

“What do you mean ‘treat me well’, you’re staying here a bunch of times already” 

“But I never stayed when there are no parents around, right?”

Lilishella said so with a surprisingly calm expression. I sense no sign of particular anxiety from her. 

Well, I remember when I was about this age, I used to stay at home with [Risa]. There were only the two of us, so I can somehow grasp the situation already. I’m sure she remembers it as well, but still…

“What about Cies?”

“Since there is no one in our home when we left for school, shouldn’t they just bring her with them?”

“I see” 

That means there will only be the three of us tomorrow

I’m anxious. In many ways…


The conversation stopped as I was called by Cies. 

“Aah, Murina, please play with her”


I hand over the wooden toy to Murina.

“There’s also one other important issue…., I can’t cook”

“Yeah, I know”

Lilishella looks at me with a look that says, “Why are you asking something so obvious?

It’s true that in my previous life, when my parents were away, Risa used to cook for me because I couldn’t cook. Because of this, I’m not particularly worried about Lilishella’s ability to cook. 

“Murina-chan too, please lend me a hand”

“Eh, Murina can also cook?”

I looked at my sister-in-law who was holding Cies, she looked confident. 

“I help out from time to time”

“….. then I’ll leave that to you”

At this time, I had no idea what would happen the next day.

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