Chapter 9 – Lilihshella’s wicked scheme

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I’m worried 

Lilishella is aware of Murina’s brother complex. No doubt about it. 

But even if I know that, I still don’t quite understand it. For all the things she does to encourage Murina’s brocon tendencies, she still checks on her to ensure she doesn’t get too close to me. 

I wonder, what’s her true intention?

“Why are you influencing Murina in a weird way?”

I won’t know even if I tried to find the answer myself, so I decided to ask her directly.

“That’s because she’s…”

“I know she’s a brocon already. But what I meant to ask is why are you restraining her as well?” 

“Why do you think that is?”

Lilishella asks me back without even looking at me.

This is her reaction whenever she is asked a bothersome question. She hasn’t changed from our previous life. 

“….if you don’t know anything, why don’t you ponder about it some more?”

It’s hard to see her from her side profile, but it looks like she’s half-angry. I know as her brother that any more question is useless. 

Then I thought I’d ask Murina instead.

“Don’t you think, maybe it’s because she doesn’t want anyone to get close to nii-sama?”


“When Lilishella-anesama is around, she can get rid of those girls herself. But at other times, I think I’m her substitute when she’s not around…”

What is up with that logic? For someone so much younger than me, I can’t help but feel like she’s more of a grown-up than me in our way of thinking. 

“Then, why is she doing that…?”

“Isn’t it the same thing nii-sama is doing?”

You’re saying that she’s trying to keep me, her brother, from falling for a girl?

Certainly, I feel like [Risa] did something similar in our previous life. Every time any of Risa’s friends tried to make a pass at me, she’d shut them away. 

“I see”

I’m not fully convinced, but it made some sort of sense to me. 

“Nii-sama, do you…”

“Ah~ thank you. As a way to express my gratitude, I’ll go with you to whichever restaurant Murina wanted to go to”

“Really!! That’s an invitation for a date, isn’t it!”

Her eyes were shining brightly. It feels as if she’s about to dance any second now. 

“No, wait, we’re going as siblings. This is not a date…” is what I said, but she wasn’t listening. 

Right that next day, I had to go out with Murina. 

The stares from all over the city weren’t the warm kind of “You two are such nice siblings”, but rather the quite painful opposite. Because of this, I promised myself that I would avoid making any rash promises in the future. [1]

Anyhow, now I finally know that Lilishella is trying hard to get rid of any ‘bad bug’ that came approaching me. However, such a thing will cast my “Beautiful Childhood Friend Lover Plan” further away. 

My chance to get that childhood friend will be over soon. I’m happy to have a sister who loves her brother, but I don’t want her to get in the way of my plans.

I need to find a solution! 

… is what I thought of about half a year ago.

The school building was entering its second year before we knew it. [2]

The only thing that changed was that parents who were previously only monitoring the first year had started to actively enroll their children. 

The number of new students increased, and classes were divided accordingly. 

I can finally make contact with kids I didn’t know before, and maybe I’ll find a new cute childhood friend. This is my chance!

… but that dream is a fleeting one. 

“I’m sitting next to Yukia” 

What. Was. That?

Lilishella grinned at the posted seat allocation. I can’t have a scary watchdog around here ruining my plans!

“Why are you next to me?”

“Ara~? A beautiful girl is going to sit next to you, is there a problem with that?”

Are you referring to yourself?… is what I was going to say, but if I said that, then things are going to get more difficult, so I’m keeping quiet. 

However, what does she even think of her own former brother? 

“If you sit next to me, then my…”


“No, it’s nothing” 

If I explained my plan poorly, she’s probably going to ruin it

Yeah, no worry, I will evade Lilishella and Murina’s surveillance, I will definitely catch a cute girl!

“You might become my ‘fiancée’, so you’re gonna have to start acting like my boyfriend, or I’ll be troubled”

“Wait, we’re really going to use that cover-up story?” [3]


What is this pressure?

No, I believe we’re just faking it, so she wouldn’t have to deal with all the guys coming on to her. Or is this a game she’s playing, trying to sway me around again?

“If you try to do anything funny, I’ll report you to Murina-chan, got it?”

“Eh…? Ha…?”

What is this joint force? My sisters really want to control me around. 

But, I will not be defeated!

Oayoo. TL Notes:

…well, no notes from me today, I guess the story is easier to understand this time. Yey. And also yey, our favorite siblings are about to enter their ‘fake lover’ relationship… or are they? 

Also, with this we’ve finished our first volume, “My childhood friend is my former sister?”. Next up, we’re entering our second volume, “Two younger sisters”. 

Also, you might see in our story’s novelupdates, the chapter 5 is in volume 2 (v2c5), that’s an error. But we’re just lazy to fix/report that. Tehe.  

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 [1]: coward mc

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