Chapter 8 – Murina is scary

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If I think about this calmly, no one would seriously consider a nine-year-old child saying “I’m your girlfriend”. 

I have no idea what Lilishella was thinking, but I don’t feel like being swayed around by her, so maybe I should assume she was just teasing me. 

She’s already been like this since she was [Risa], I took a big sigh. 

If I think about this too much, I might be swayed by her again. We’ve been together for a long time, including in our past lives, so I’m sure I know her that well. 

“A girlfriend, huh…”

“Nii-sama, do you have a girlfriend?”


I was just thinking by myself at home and looks like I muttered something unconsciously. But to make matters worse, Murina seemed to hear that. 

I was completely unaware when Murina drew near. She surprised me and my heart was pounding hard. 

“This.. no, there’s no way I have a girlfriend”

I was raining sweat. 

Murina stared into my eyes. I’m scared, you’re scaring me, Murina-san. I gave in to the pressure and my eyes were wandering elsewhere. 

“That’s right. It was just a bad bug drawing near you, wasn’t it…”[1]

Where did you learn those words, Murina-san?

Nevertheless, she had this frightening aura. Somehow, I could hear something going gogogogogo [2] 

“Even though there are me and Lilishella-anesama” 

“…wait a second. You’re okay if it’s Lilishella?…”

Maybe it’s just a figure of speech, but I’m still curious. I’m listening to her answer

“That…compared to me, Lilishella is here longer… that’s why” [3]

Murina looked down and timidly stood still. 

“Ah I see. It’s like Forti from the sewing shop and Mitche from the butcher shop, they’ve known each other for a long time” [4][5]


After groaning, Murina’s face turned red and swollen, she has turned quiet. 

As we’re getting into this deafening silence, might as well just change the topic.

“Then, what about you, Murina? Do you have anyone like that in your class?”

“…You don’t know anything, nii-sama!”

She glanced at me for a moment and left the room in a huff. 

I wonder if I was a little too mean to this brocon girl, I was reflecting on myself. As an apology, I’ll bring her some sweets later. 

I had a wry smile as I stared at the door she had left through.

In the morning, the three of us head to the school building, but it was an awkward walk because of the previous day’s incident.

It was only Lilishella who didn’t seem to care at all. 

Looking at her still behaving like usual, I even wonder if her proposal to be my “girlfriend” from the previous day even means anything. 

On the contrary, I’m still conscious so much about it that it seems silly to me. 

Murina seems to have a strange suspicion because of the word I let slip out, she doesn’t seem to be actively trying to talk to me or to Lilishella. 

I guess the sweets won’t let me off the hook 

“Murina went to the school and I hear you’re quite popular with the boys, did you meet anyone you like?”

At Lilishella’s sudden question, Murina stiffened. 

It’s not much different from what I asked, but it’s only a conversation between two women, and her reaction is somewhat different from when she was with me. 

“Hmm? Is it difficult to answer when Yukia is listening?”

Seeing Murina in silence, Lilishella laughed a little mischievously.

I think there’s a huge difference in the sense of romance between men and women at this age. It should be no wonder if Murina has found someone she likes. I believe it’s okay for her to stop being a brocon, but it might just be my imagination, but I feel a little uncomfortable when I think about it. 

On that note, Lilishella, whose mental age is of a high school student, probably wouldn’t be looking at her classmates, but I can’t dismiss the possibility of her going out with an older guy. When I think about it, is it because of her past with me as a relative that I developed blacker feelings for her than I did for Murina? Or maybe it’s because her looks were just deceiving me?…[6]

“I’m not like that… am I?”[7]

A glance at my face, Lilishera smiled meaningfully. Her words made me feel like she saw through my heart, and I couldn’t hide my bewilderment.

Don’t tease me, I…

Oayooo. TL Notes:

  1. So here she uses the word 悪い虫 which means literally bad bug, but implicitly it also means ‘undesirable lover’ with inherent disgusting feeling. Just some interesting tidbits. 
  2. Translated from ゴゴゴゴゴゴ, it’s like a sound of intimidation. Yes. This is Jojo’s reference. 
  3. It was supposed to mean “Lilishella is older”, but I believe “here longer” fits the narrative better. 
  4. I changed Forte to Forti (フォルティ) to fit the raw source better 
  5. Also, I have trouble understanding some implicit meaning behind this conversation as we see Yukia just referred to Forti and Mitche all of a sudden without real explanation as to why. So I’m winging it here. Hope you guys get the gist of it. 
  6. The raw said 黒い感情 which just means black emotions, but this can mean so many things as long as it’s ugly feelings, such as anger, jealousy, or suspicion. I have no idea which one exactly, so I left it as it is. 

Also, I made a slight change on this line a day after, you’ll notice if you remember what it was before, anyway.

  1. I believe this was said by Lilishella to Yukia, so you can say this is her reply to Yukia’s train of thoughts. She reads his mind

Okay there are sooo many notes for this chapter alone. Honestly, there are many parts I still don’t quite get, but I believe this is enough. 

PR: quite the lot of notes indeed sir ayoo






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