Chapter 5

Translator: Tori

“……ra-kun, Tamura-kun!”


Someone’s call brings me back from the dream world.

I woke up to find Muruma-sensei there, shaking me with a desperate look on her face.


“Thank God! You finally woke up.”


As soon as she saw that I was conscious, she hugged me tightly.

The first time I experience a woman’s softness, I feel like my nose is going to start to bleed.

“I’m glad……I’m really glad……”

I thought about forcibly pulling away, but the body of the teacher who hugged me was shaking in small tremors.

I’m sure there were people who were concerned about me even though I’m a…..loner.

The body warmth transmitted from the teacher was warm in many ways.

However, I can’t stay soaked in the warmth of people all the time.

I woke up on an uninhabited island.

“It’s an uninhabited island, right?”

The sand clinging to my body. The smell of the tide.

The sun shining relentlessly and the overgrown forest.

……I see. So that’s how it is.

I inferred the current situation from the visual information.

That’s what it’s all about, right? Drifting, right?

How did I survive without a life preserver? Tough luck, even for me.

But wait a minute.

“Hey, is that Tamura? Could that be Tamura?”

[TL/N: Of course, the asshole is alive. MOTHERFUCKER!?]

I heard another man’s voice and turned my eyes quickly to see Uemura, his friend, Nakamura, Kuroishi, Kagawa, and Ohara. I also saw Kuroishi, Kagawa, and Ohara.

They were alive.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, I felt relieved, but at the same time, I knew I had encountered a troublesome group of people.

That’s what I thought.



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  1. RUBEN Avatar

    Lol what, but i just started?

  2. you know i'm right Avatar
    you know i’m right

    Let me guess the MC’s not going to even mention that asshole tried to murder him and he’s going to just put up with it until the guy is stupid enough to somehow out himself to the entire group, isn’t he? I kinda get he tried to help them before, in the end they were just kind of assholes but haven’t done anything deserving death as far as we know. But the douche tried to murder the guy that came to help them because he wanted to score a few points with some hoes that are probably already into him.

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