Chapter 7 – An excuse for me, and for her 

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It would be a lie if I said I don’t care about Murina. 

To be honest, I want to get rid of those insects that were approaching her. However, considering her request for marriage in the far future from the other day, if I took such action to repel those insects then it would be almost as if I had agreed to her proposal. 

Lilishella was glancing at me with a gaze that seems to ask, “So, are you coming along? Or are you not?”

Yeah, obviously I won’t go. As a brother, I trust my sister! I convince myself that. 

On the next day, I started studying.

I memorize the letters and understood the basics. Math calculation is at the level of an elementary school, so there should be no problem for me there. 

But what is important for me to understand is the science progression and the inherent mechanism of this world. 

The reason why this is important is due to my promise to Lilishella in the past. 

That promise, that is, was to not use the knowledge of my previous life to build something that goes beyond the world’s current cultural, science, and technology standards. In other words, something that would be over-technological. 

If we actually did that, we might be able to get a tremendous amount of money. 

But there’s always the possibility that this will tip the balance of the world, people will try to get their hands on that knowledge, and some might even dare to kill me for it. Nothing good will come from flaunting some borrowed knowledge. 

In this life, we may not be related by blood, but I have a strong feeling that she is still my precious sister. In our previous life, we were caught in an accident and couldn’t live our life to the very end. For that, I don’t want her to be in such danger ever again, I want her to live a happy life. 

I want her to live a normal life, and that’s what we’ve decided to do. 

After the class, I found this world’s progression corresponds to the cultural level of Europe around the middle to late Medieval Period. 

Guns aren’t generally known yet, and swords and bows are still used commonly. There are some unscientific phenomena similar to magic, but it’s not something that everyone can use. 

There are many inconveniences in this world, so let’s say I made some changes to the existing technology to make things easier. Then inadvertently, I made a technological breakthrough unintentionally, it’s not a joke you can laugh at. 

So to avoid that we need the necessary knowledge, and thus I and she take these classes quite seriously.

During class, I glanced at Lilishella and saw that she had a serious expression on her face that was different from usual. Her side profile is quite startling for my heart. 

It’s quite a scare for me to feel such a thing, even when I know that from within she’s still my former sister. A beautiful girl is frightening. 

I’m not a lolicon. But even so, it’s still hard for me to see so many guys approaching her. 

I was curious and looked around and to my surprise, I saw people were ogling Lilishella with this lewd look on their faces. 

But yeah, even if I know how you guys feel, this is unacceptable. I have to get rid of them. 

Only half a year later, Lilishella became like an idol at school.

She has good looks, excellent grades, is great at exercise, and has a beautiful figure. She seems to be the perfect existence with no flaws. Actually, she has that small devilish attitude within her, but no one would consider it as no one knows about it anyway. 

“Yukia, let’s go home together”

After class, I almost always go home with Lilishella. Since Murina’s time for the class was often different from ours,  the three of us almost never go home together. 

Lilishella should go home with the other girls, but for some reason she never does. 

“Why don’t you go home with your friends?”

I asked her that once, but Lilishella’s answer to that question made a lot of sense.

“Because they are all just kids”

I guess that’s understandable. She’s a high school student from within, after all. 

Wait no, when I think about it, men will always be kids, wouldn’t they? Even I still have fun playing with guys my age. 

The two of us seem to be well known around as good friends, but men are often jealous of my relationship with Lilishella. But I can’t just tell them, “That’s because she’s my sister” so I was at a loss as to what I should do. 

“Then, why don’t you just say I’m your girlfriend?” 

This was her answer when I asked her about how to solve this problem. I was so confused when she said that with a straight face. 

“Well, yeah, certainly it’s going to save us from a lot of trouble… but are you okay with that?”

“Hmn… but I kissed you already, didn’t I?”

Wasn’t that just your parting way before you left the house? I sighed but this cute little devil just giggled softly.

Oayoooo. TL Notes: 

Ohohohohoohoho, she’s offering herself as his girlfriend. This is going great guys! 

PR: average angry mob character profile:

-stares at every woman lewdly

-gets mad at any relation between a man and certain woman

-is annoying with -18 IQ






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    > isekai

    > set in a world with a European-like culture of the late middle ages.

    > has an elementary school (during a time when not only was education few and far between, but children were way more often used for labor instead).

    > has the concept of a “girlfriend”

    Japanese why do you always do this

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