Chapter 6 – Which one am I?

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When I had dinner, it was a very awkward time. 

We didn’t have a fight, so there’s no good reason for me to avoid dinner. But I still couldn’t make eye contact with Murina, I’m afraid her eyes might have those heart symbols.[1]

The very next day, I went out to question Lilishella, she was conveniently in the garden. 



She looked a little surprised after being called out unexpectedly. But looking at her face, she just stared at me like nothing’s wrong. I couldn’t expect her to say anything to me. 

“Did you say something strange to Murina yesterday?”

“What? We were just playing like normal. Did something happen?”

Lilishella didn’t seem to be anxious, and her facial expression stayed the same. From the way she tilted her head curiously, I don’t think she really knew anything at all. 

“Oh! Don’t tell me”

As if she sensed something, a devilish smile appeared on Lilishella’s beautiful face.

“She asked something along the line of whether siblings can get married yesterday, didn’t she?”


“Ooh, looks like I was right…” 

I thought I heard something like a click of the tongue for a moment behind that smile, but maybe it was just my imagination.

“… so, what’s your answer, then?”

“Normal siblings obviously couldn’t marry, but if you think about it, maybe a non-blood-related sibling, like Murina could”

Ah~ of course, I’m sighing a lot lately 

Seriously, I was expecting a word of wisdom or something from her, but Lilishella just turned to her side and muttered something under her breath. I don’t think she’ll say anything else. 

But if Lilishella is not the main culprit behind all this, then I could safely assume Murina is a bigger problem now. 

For the time being, I’ll treat her the way we used to before, I’ll forget her yesterday’s request. I sighed a little after deciding this.

Then, days later, we headed off to the school building. 

The school building has stood up for eight years and Murina should be able to attend. But since the classes were divided by age, she was placed in a separate classroom from me and Lilishella. 

[Is this like an elementary school?]

[Well, this school is the first in the city, so I don’t think anyone knows what it is yet] 

We use Japanese in a hushed voice so that others wouldn’t notice it. It’s surprisingly convenient when you want to have a conversation with just two people like this. 

I met many faces today, it was supposed to end with only a self-introduction and the delivery of upcoming teaching materials. It was just the first day of school, after all. 

Surprisingly, children are sociable, and somehow I made friends already today 

And Lilishella is not an exception, but there are a few guys who were obviously fascinated by her beautiful appearance and I couldn’t keep myself at bay as I didn’t want to see any insects near her. 

“Hey, you guys are a little too close”

“What the hell, don’t interrupt us! Who are you to Lilishella-chan anyway!”

Facing that question, I stumbled to find a response for a moment

Who was stopping them? Me as her brother or as her childhood friend? 

“…I’m her next door’s childhood friend”

For the time being, this is no doubt my current position in this world. However, that one sentence was enough to make those men give up to a certain degree. 

As per the convention here, it seems that there are many cases where childhood friends become fiancées. Of course, neither my parents nor Lilishella’s parents have made a statement, but somehow I know they are eager to do so. 

In any case, those men at least know that convention. 

Immediately after, Lilishella approached me

[Why did you stop them? Weren’t you looking at me from the perspective of an older brother? Or is this jealously?]

She’s giggling quietly 

Well, it’s quite difficult to give a straightforward answer 

[Which one do you think?]


It was an immediate answer 

[Then… on the contrary, what would you do if there’s a girl approaching me?]

I feel like she saw right through me, and I’m somewhat frustrated, so I ask her back.

[Maybe, I’ll drive them away]


It’s my turn to listen to her answer

[What are you talking about?]

Forte, the daughter of a sewing shop in the neighborhood, came approaching us. We were talking in a whisper, so she probably didn’t notice our foreign language 

“Hey, how’s the little sister?” 

“Oh, do you mean Murina-chan? If you’re curious, why don’t we go take a peek?”

It occurred to me when she said that. I wondered what I would do if a man was making a pass on Murina.

Lilishella glanced at me, probably reading my thoughts.

Oayoo. TL Notes: 

  1. If you watched enough anime, you probably know already what it meant, but in other words it means “Murina might be lusting over him”

We’re moving forward quite fast, but we can finally see a glimpse of jealousy in Yukia. This is good!

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