[Chapter1] Morning Routine

Translator: Tori


[T/N: basically this ピピピー, I don’t get onomatopoeia much.]

I open my eyes at this slightly annoying sound, just enough to wake me from sleep, before reaching for the source of the sound, my smartphone. I pick up that smartphone and press the stop button on the screen to stop it. Nowadays, smartphones have a snooze function, a system that stops the alarm sound once, and then it sounds again a few minutes later. I don’t use it. I don’t use it because it is an irrational system that encourages people to sleep twice.

The time is 6 o’clock. I always try to wake up at this time.

I get out of the comfy futon, open the curtains, and let the dazzling morning sun into the room. I let the energy of the morning sun’s rays fill my whole body, and I store up the energy for the day ahead. My day is about to begin.

I leave my room, and head through the empty living room to the washroom. I wash my face briefly, head to the kitchen, boil water in the electric kettle, set bread in the toaster, and prepare breakfast.

I live in this one house almost by myself. My parents both work, and since they both work for companies that often travel overseas, they come home at most once a month, and sometimes not for six months at a time. In fact, I have not seen my parents for the past three months.

The water is boiling, the toaster is going off, I make instant coffee, butter my toast, and have a simple breakfast. I make another pot of coffee and take it back to my room.

Putting my coffee on the edge of my desk, I take out my English vocabulary book from the bookshelf and start studying.

Basically, I try not to stay up all night, but go to bed at midnight and get up early in the morning to study. This is because I read in some business book that it is more efficient to study in the morning, when one’s mind is more active, than late at night, when one becomes sleepier and sleepier as time goes by.

I, Sasahara Kazuma, will be a sophomore in high school starting today. Today is the opening ceremony, and after that I have a test for the new semester. So I have my English vocabulary book open and am studying for the test.

Frankly, school tests are easy for me, as I can get some scores by memorizing them.

For an hour, I check my English vocabulary book and the part of today’s test scope, and finish studying. Then I get ready to head to school, because it is almost time to leave for school.

I put my belongings in my backpack and change into my school uniform. The uniform was a little big when I was a freshman, but now it fits me just right. My body has grown a little in the past year.

With the preparations completed and a little time left, I select a book from the bookshelf and begin reading. It’s great to read in a warm space under the pleasant sunlight. I love this morning time…

*Ding-dong! Ding-dong! Ding-dong!*

A sound that is several times more annoying than the sound of an alarm echoes through the house.

It is ruining what could have been a very pleasant time.

I know the person who always comes at this time of the day.


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