Chapter 2

Translator: Tori

Immediately after the crew’s announcements are made.

With a tremendous roar, the ship begins to tip heavily.


The screams of the female students were heard.

I saw an unbelievable scene.

“The ship is tilting. It’s really incredible!”

“Let’s take a commemorative photo. It’s not often you get to experience something like this!”

“Kazuki, are you an idiot?”

“Why not, Tsukasa. Come on, Risa and Yui, come on too.”

“Why are you a…….really, this guy is no good.”

The classmates were stunned by Uemura’s invitation and tried to join the commemorative photo.

Kuroishi, Kagawa, and Ohara were also there.

Hey, hey, hey……. Are these guys for real?

When people are in a big crisis, they sometimes underestimate it.

It’s a psychological term called normalcy bias.

However, the act of starting to take pictures to upload on social media when the ship has started to tip is abnormal no matter how you think about it.

It was so far beyond the point of not having a sense of urgency.

Normally, I would have left it alone, but not when lives are at stake.

Even those who would play with people’s pure feelings, there are beings who care about them.

To me, the Uemura’s may be trash, but to their parents, they are treasures. They are irreplaceable.

That’s precisely why I tell them.

“Are you idiots! The boat is starting to tilt! Hurry up and put on your life vests!”

“Haa? Don’t tell me what to do, you loner. Is that what……is for? You want to take a picture with me? Honestly speaking, there’s no way I’m going to take a picture with you!”

[TL/N: Motherfucker, I really hate this asshole man.]

Uemura pretends to put his hand around my shoulder and tries to punch me.

How could he pick a fight with me in this situation?

I, who has better dynamic vision than others, tried to avoid it in slow motion, but at the next moment.

–The next moment, I tried to lose it in slow motion, and the ship started to tilt more than ever.

The ship began to tilt more than ever.

Uemura’s fist cut through the air without me even needing to duck.

“Hey, I think this is really bad,” said Kuroishi.

You’re too late, you idiot.

“So hurry up and put–“

‘–on your life vest.’ Before he could finish saying that.

“Don’t worry, Tsukasa. I’ll protect you. Let’s just go back to your room. I’ll walk you home.”

“Oh, no. Are you seriously trying to go back to your room?”

“Hey, wait a minute, Uemura. It’s not a good idea to go back to your room under these circumstances.”

“You’ve been acting strangely with me since a while ago. What, are you pretending to be a hero in an emergency situation? You’re so cool. But it’s really annoying. I’m sure the staff told us to go back to our room. It’s safer to go back to your room.”

“But this shaking is not normal. You should consider the worst case scenario. I honestly think this ship is going to sink.”

“The ship is sinking……? Hahaha!!! That’s impossible! You’ve seen too many dramas and movies. It’s not the Titanic. The crew told you to stay in your room, so that’s the best you can do.” [TL/N: I hope this asshole dies.]

“I understand that you want to do as you’re told. But we have to protect our own lives.”

I tried to persuade Uemura and the others who didn’t want to wear life jackets at all.

It is true that the crew are professionals. But they are human beings, too. They make human errors.

The fact that the ship was beginning to tip heavily was the best proof of this.

They are not thinking straight, just doing what they are told to do.

“I’ve had enough of this. That’s enough. Let’s go, Tsukasa, Risa, Yui.”

“Hey, Uemura!”

I’m not sure if it’s a good idea or not, but I’m not going to let it get to me.

I’m not a fool, fool, fool, fool, fool!

Why won’t anyone listen to me!

Damn it! I can’t help it if I’m being unfaithful!

I ran to the opposite side of the room from my classmates – the one where the life jackets were kept.



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