Chapter 2: Hamamiya Kaya is a yandere.

Translator: Tori

Because of his concussion, Gotou was able to accompany him, but Iruka’s gait was so steady that it seemed as if he really didn’t need any assistance.

The fact that Iruka was not injured in any way was a blessing in disguise, Gotou breathed a sigh of relief in her chest.

“I hope that even with all the commotion going on these days, you don’t have to cause any injuries on campus, even if it’s just a lover’s quarrel.”

On the way to the student guidance office, Gotou let out a complaint to fill the silence.

“I’m really sorry.”

Iruka is to blame for all of this, without any excuse.

Iruka ・・・・・・・・・ is totally, absolutely, overwhelmingly to blame, for knowing the girl called Kya, and yet making her angry.

“Totally……with all these creepy serial killings going on, I’d like to at least slow down on campus. If you were dead, the victims of the serial murders would be surprised in heaven. They’ll be saying, ‘We’re all victims of the same crime, murder, and this guy’s only motivation is to fry eggs!’”

“Dead people don’t talk, though.”

“I know. It’s a joke, of course it’s a joke. You don’t like jokes?”

“Nah, mine’s a joke, too.”

“……that’s why Enomoto-kun doesn’t have many friends.”

He was not prepared for that, so it hit him hard.

“There is nothing good about having a lot of friends. What is important is quality rather than quantity.”

“The bocce* player is talking. The ultimate rear satisfaction is the combination of quality and quantity.” [TL/N: Loner*. That’s what she meant.]

Is this woman really a teacher? He swallowed the words that were about to come out of his throat.

Age is better than the back of the turtle. It is better to listen to what one’s elders have to say.

Gotou tilted her head curiously, as if she was surprised at the silence.

“Oh, you accept it more openly than I thought.”

“It’s the word of a single woman on the verge of her thirties, you know. The power of persuasion is different. As expected of the ultimate teacher, I’m learning a lot. I’m learning a lot from you.”

“You little brat, you think you’re so good if you keep your mouth shut!”

“Ah, we’ve arrived at the guidance room. Thank you for escorting me, ultimate rear teacher.”

“I’m not sure how much I’m going to be able to do with someone I’m dating. I have someone I’m dating too!”

With Gotou’s indignant look on her face, Iruka knocked on the door of the student guidance office.

A voice said, “Come in,” and he entered the room.

The room was unlit, and sunlight was spilling through the curtains. The room smelled a little dusty, which was evident that this was an empty classroom that was not usually used.

In the center of the classroom, there were chairs facing each other in a 1:2 composition. Iruka bowed to the bald head of the student advisor who sat on the first chair.

“Excuse me, I am Enomoto Iruka.”

He introduces himself reverently. However, it was not the bald head’s husky voice that tapped his earlobe, but the voice of a young JK sitting on the second side of the room.

“Iruka! Iruka Iruka–ah!”

She came up to Iruka’s head and body, right under her nose. She looks very worried.

Her name is Hamamiya Kaya. She is the girl whom Iruka calls Kaya-chan.

Her brown hair, which had grown to about her shoulders, was hardly set and was a mess in places, giving the impression that she had just removed her sleeping habit. Of course, she was not wearing any makeup.

But even so, she was still a beautiful girl, enough so that he could proudly proclaim her a beautiful girl.

She is blessed with such good looks, but there is one spot on her face that attracts the most attention.

She was wearing a black cloth eye patch covering her left eye.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt!”

Kaya confirms his safety with tears filling her large right eye and a sniffle. There is nothing more satisfying for a man than to have a beautiful girl worry so much about him.

–Well, it was Kaya-chan who pushed him down.

If a third party were to look at this scene, they would think, “What is the person who pushed him down doing?” In fact, the bald head wrinkled his brow.

However, Iruka does not feel irritation or disgust toward Kaya-chan. In fact, he was surprised that she was concerned about him. He thought she was still angry.

“I’m fine. Thank you for worrying about me.”

When he spoke in a gentle tone of voice, Kaya looked up with a jolt and wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her school uniform.

She smiled blankly, not mentioning the thought that her handkerchief was visible in her skirt pocket and she could have used it.

Soon, Kaya, her eyes red and weepy, glances sharply at Iruka. 

Because of the height difference, her glare is merely an upward glance.

To be honest, he find it more endearing than terrifying.

“I’m not worried about you!”

With a sudden change of tone and a puff of her cheeks, Kaya turned her head to the side.

He couldn’t help but laugh at this classic expression of emotion.

“Is that so?”

Because it was Iruka’s fault to begin with!

The cause of the argument. It was when Iruka, who prefers salty omelet, unintentionally said to Kaya’s sweet omelet, “It’s sweet…….” in a discourteous manner. This is certainly Iruka’s fault.

But that doesn’t mean it’s too much to push him down.

Even while thinking this, Iruka was relieved. Her reaction was exactly what he had initially expected.


“Hey, Hamamiya! What’s with that attitude of yours!”

The others, except for Iruka, are different.

One of them, a bald head, was furious with Kaya’s selfish words. He wrinkled his brow and yelled at her.

However, he brushed it off.

“I don’t like it when Iruka complains about the lunches I make for him! I was trying so hard to make Iruka happy — no, no! I made it because he said he wanted to eat it! And yet it’s all Iruka’s fault for complaining!”

Not caring about the bald head, Kaya mockingly puffed out her cheeks and pressed Iruka.

Iruka was so close that her ample bosom was just slightly touching him.

Feeling the blood rush to her face, she tried to speak back, but before she could do so, the bald head ran out of patience and he shouted angrily with an indignant expression on her face

“You guys, that’s enough!”

The bald man’s words are interrupted by Kaya.

“I’ve been busy with you for a while now! Iruka is trying to talk right now!”

Her eyes were bloodshot, and she was leaking an atmosphere as if she was about to kill him.

She held the chair she was sitting on with both hands, and swung it around.


Judging that to be a bad idea, he hurriedly hugged Kaya from behind.

“Ah, ahh…….”

The chair fell down with a rattling sound on the floor. 

 “The first thing you need to do is to be aware of what you’re doing. So calm down, okay?”

“F-Fine. I understand.”

The bald head can only roll his eyes at the speed of change. But it can’t be helped. He is a teacher who does not usually have contact with Kaya.

Knowing the relationship between Kaya and Iruka, the teacher has already given up saying anything to her and has left everything to Iruka. Gotou is a good example.

“Kaya-chan’s bento was really delicious. I’m overflowing with joy and emotion, and I can’t sort it all out right now, so could you prepare some time for me after school?”

The voice whispering in her ear made Kaya’s cheeks flush with embarrassment, and she nodded cockily with the tips of the fingers of both hands clasped together in an awkward manner.

“I-It can’t be helped then. If you’re going to go that far……yeah, then I have no choice………I’ll get ready…….so let go of me already.”

When he let go of her body as she told him to, he heard a lonely voice, “Ah……”

Irika, however, didn’t care and pushed her shoulders and led her out of the guidance room.

“I will finish the rest, Kaya-chan, go ahead and take the class.”

” ……Yeah, okay…….see you later.”

As she left, Kaya looked back once near the stairs and gave a small wave at waist height.

He responded and then returned to the guidance counselor’s office.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, sir.”

“Ah, oh…….”

Iruka inwardly let out a big sigh at the expression and reaction that said he didn’t know what was going on.

Iruka has seen many people with a look like his. No, he has not only seen them, he has experienced them himself.

Basically, those who meet Kaya for the first time admire her appearance, interact with her, and then lose their minds over her abnormality.

–Kaya-chan lost a screw in her head ten years ago.

So it was inevitable and unavoidable.

Then Iruka was released ten minutes after the sixth period chime rang.


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