Chapter 5 – Surprising remarks

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As the seasons changed, when I and Lilishera were nine years old and started preparing to enter the school, I had one more new family member at home.

My sister was born.

This time it’s a blood related sister. Her name is Cies. 

After mother’s pregnancy was announced, I wished for a younger brother to be born until just before she gave birth, but that didn’t happen. Although disappointed, I know it wasn’t her fault. As soon as I saw her face, I didn’t care about my wish anymore. 

But at this point, I’m starting to wonder about my luck for getting sisters.  

I have a childhood friend (my ex-sister), an elder sister (adopted sister), and a younger sister (my own sister). Each of us intends to get along with everyone. However, in this kind of circumstances, I wouldn’t be surprised to get a new older sister. 

But I do have one complaint.

How can I come this far and there are still no other pretty girls nearby? Shouldn’t my life without a girlfriend have ended in my previous life? 

Well, my complaints aside.

Lilishella and I … Well, we’re doing well. 

Her attitude did not change much after that day, so maybe it was indeed just her joke. … No, even if I said she didn’t change, she probably meant “I’ll just play a bit with you just like before”. 

She has had the same behavior since she was [Risa], but I wonder how our interactions, who are not siblings anymore, may look like from outsiders perspective. 

There was no point of worrying other people’s thoughts, but still I began to wonder what it would have been like for us if we were to be normal childhood friends. 

Sometimes Murina interrupted the conversation between me and Lilishella, as if she was annoyed.

When Murina came to my house, she was scared and lonely, but now she is completely opened up and has become a valued member of the family. It’s probably none of my business, but as her older brother, I’m hoping that the birth of Cies will make her more aware of her role as the eldest daughter.

It’s probably thanks to Lilishella that Murina got used to her home early. Lilishella came to our house for any reason she could think of, and we ate together and stayed together. Incidentally, she slept in the kid’s room, using Murina’s bed for two girls.

Thanks to that, Murina has become a great friend of Lilishella, and moreover, sometimes she thinks of her as her real sister through me as her brother 

Recently, she started calling me “nii-sama”, but what brings the change of heart? 

And so-and-so forth. 

It was after Lilishela, who had come to visit me one day, had gone home in the evening. I had just started reading a book in my room when Murina came in.



“…uhm… it’s… It’s me…”

Her face seems to be red, and she’s squirming hard to say something.

I grinned back a little to her adorable appearance. Just looking at her is enough to melt my heart. 

“What is it?”

“…that…, when I grow up, … I want to be… nii-san’s wife… Please…”


That surprising remarks made me freeze in my place for a moment. However, while I’m confused, I forced myself to be calm. She couldn’t have noticed that my hands were shaking as I held the book.

In my confusion, I repeat the lines again in my head. Yeah, I understand. Murina isn’t my real sister, so I’m sure it’s okay for her to… No, it’s not okay! 

This is a common remark you tend to make when you’re a little girl, “please let me be your wife in the future”. But I know it’s going to be a black history for you as you grow up. Yes, I’m sure of it, it must be. 

I look at Murina’s face as I tried to convince myself. 

“… hya!”

Murina turned bright red and quickly covered her face with her both hands and ran out of the room. 

What. Is. That. Reaction supposed to be?!

“Heey, Murina-san?”

This- this is absurd. The moment I thought about it, I felt like I knew the cause of this.

Lilishella, you must’ve said something!

Oayo. TL Notes:

  1. Another imouto… well… I feel like there’s one too many imouto now, I hope it ends here. Please no more, this is too much. 
  2. As you can probably tell, I read the story as I’m TL-ing per chaps, so I’m as clueless as you readers out there about the story direction. We’re in this together, guys. Hope the story turns out well in the end.

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  1. The Cliché Writer Avatar

    > older sister-in-law

    Do you mean the cousin? A “in-law” implies relationship through marriage and a “sister-in-law” only applies to married partners of siblings.

    And wasn’t she supposed to be a year younger?

    if anything she’s an adopted sister.

    1. Diana Kurosawa Avatar
      Diana Kurosawa

      as a weeb who actually enjoyed Imouto Paradise(1 to 3), it doesn’t really matter anymore~

      1. oayo Avatar

        i see u have good taste, i love you and this community as a whole

    2. oayo Avatar

      Thanks for the note. Yeah, now you mentioned it, I should’ve used ‘adopted sister’ instead of ‘sister-in-law’ for 義妹. Also for the ‘older sister’, I was referring to her being older than Cies, thus the ‘older sister’… but maybe it’s more appropriate for me to use ‘elder sister’.

      I’ll tell the admin to change that, thanks again btw

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