Chapter 4 – Risa’s mischief 

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Risa…no, Lilishella in front of me was putting on that playful smile, and I was speechless.

“Yukia, why are you showing such a face? This is just a greeting, you know”

She told me so with a straight face. 

Wait, no. I see corners of her mouth are slightly turned up like a devil, I know from experience that such behavior is a sign of her mischievous scheme.

But still…

Damn it! Why is she so cute? It’s against the rule for her to be that cute at that age! 

Well, but if you think about it, I know she’s obviously a beautiful girl already.

(But that’s my little sister… she’s Risa…)

I recited such a line in my head repeatedly, cleanse myself from these worldly desires. 

I was flustered and lost myself, unable to comprehend what was happening in front of me, but I finally calmed down.

And then I noticed something crucial. I haven’t greeted Murina yet myself. 

Because of the unexpected kiss, Murina is trembling and avoiding any eye contact with anyone. But coupled with her appearance, even that gesture alone looks adorable. 

However, we’re about to welcome her into our home from now on, so I can’t keep ignoring her like this. 

“Uhm… I am Yukia. I’m going to be Murina’s older brother from now on. Nice to meet you and let’s get along well with each other.”

With that, I held out my right hand, and a small hand, fearfully extended from behind my father’s back, took my hand in its own. I smile at her, relieved by the warmth of her hand.

Immediately after, she let go of my hand and hid again behind my father.

“It’s probably because Yukia is scary” 

Lilishella looked at my face and snickered. 

What is this devil saying? It’s your fault for messing up the whole thing. I don’t kiss people suddenly as a greeting, like you. I glared at this devil with a bit of anger. 

“What is it? Yukia also want a kiss?”


She’s one step ahead of me. But if I back out now, I can’t show my newly arrived sister that I’m not a bad person.

“I… if you dare!” 

I taunted her so proudly in front of my parents. But this was a big mistake. 

“Oh really?”

Lilishella smiled mischievously, and as she stepped closer and put her lips on my cheeks and immediately took a step back. 

Her face was so close I felt her slight breathing, something soft did indeed touch my cheek.

“Wha-… what did… you!” 

My tongue slipped due to the shock. 


Lilishella said that while snickering, then immediately turned her back on me and softly hugged Murina. Lilishella then separated herself from Murina, she said, “Bye, let’s meet again,” and she left the house like the wind.

“Aah~, Lilishella-chan was blushing red… so cute”

My mom, Elaria muttered so while smiling.

“Maybe she’ll be your bride?”

My father says happily, but I can’t hear the conversation between my parents.

(That’s my sister… that’s Risa…)

I just stood there, unable to wrap my head around what had happened.

I remember I kissed Risa on the cheek when we were little, but this was different from that. If she has the same memories of a high schooler as I do, then her thoughts must also be of high school level. If so, was this just a joke for her?

But this was such an important time for me to welcome our new sister, would she come here just to make such a joke?

No, wait, even she wouldn’t go that far.

“O… onii-chan… Nice… to meet… you”

The words she said to me in my confused state brought me back to my senses.

The three family members are relieved to see Murina’s face with just a hint of a smile behind her father’s back.

Don’t tell me, she really came here to calm Murina’s tension?

No-no, no way. It was obviously just her greeting, right?

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