Chapter 1 – Childhood Friends

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Ten years ago

“Hiroto~ wait~!”

She always chased me when I was playing in the park.

Her name is Mayo Kuraishi, and my name is Hiroto Sawaguchi.

Since our houses are near each other, we are used to playing together.

“Hiroto and Mayo will be in elementary school next year, children grow fast don’t they?”

“It’s okay, Hiroto is a very active child, but I’m worried about Mayo since she always follows Hiroto, she’ll take after Hiroto!”

(TLN: idk what she’s trying to say here)[1]

Our mothers have been best friends since they were little. Naturally Mayo and I became childhood friends.

“I want to make a lot of friends when I go to elementary school!”

“It’s okay, Mayo! I will support you!”

At first she only stayed behind me, but without me noticing she’s already become popular. We gradually separated and spent less time with each other at school other than going home and going to school.

But at home…

“Hiroto! My mom is still up so let’s sleep together in my room!”

“Yeah, Mayo! Let’s go~!”

“Ah! Hiroto wait for me!”

“Hiroto is Mayo’s brother!”

“But Mayo is growing up firmly, I wonder if it’s going to be reversed when I grow up?”

“I’m going to set up the futon, is it cold?”

“Yeah, thank you Hiroto!”

I’m born in November and Mayo was born in January, so I’m the older brother and Mayo is the imouto.

(TLN: Yesch impeccable logic, also don’t let oayo read this)[2]

When I became a junior high school student we rarely talked to each other.

I started going to and from school with different friends.

But at home…

“If both of you feel sleepy then sleep upstairs! I installed a TV in Hiroto’s room.”


“Hora~! Hiroto, let’s go to your room!”

“Okay! Okay! Don’t pull my clothes!”

“Somehow Mayo and Hiroto are on good terms~”

“Sure enough, Mayo is becoming an older sister after all.”

It was common for our parents to spend the Saturday together.

“Hiroto, why are you playing a horror movie?”

“It’s not a horror movie, it’s a mystery one, look!”

A storyteller wearing sunglasses was watching a recording of a show explaining the story of an omnibus.

(Omnibus = Anthology)

“You’re right but how bout we watch at noon…”

“You said you wanted to watch it, so I thought we’d watch the movie together.”

“Mou~ then don’t you dare leave!”

Mayo’s fear doesn’t change even if we become a junior highschool student…

Besides being an Onee-chan like figure in front of our parents, when we’re together Mayo is still the Imouto.

Even on Saturday, it seems that we both feel sleepy at 11 o’clock, and before we knew it we were both sleeping together.

In Highschool Mayo went to a school with a higher deviation value than me.

Even on the weekend’s parent gathering she only ate rice and went home, so she didn’t have to stay overnight.

Of course we’re on good terms but she no longer sleeps together with me.

In my second year of Highschool, I swear I’ll become Mayo’s boyfriend!

In the third grade I was taking my university exam…

It’s a little tough, but I’ll study hard to get into the university that I wanted!

Mayo showed up less and less at the parent’s gathering.

It’s almost like she’s disappearing naturally…

Did she like me? Maybe if I told her… No, forget it.

Maybe if I tell her she would go out with me?

Dating is an extension of our childhood friendship isn’t it?

However, at the parent’s gathering Mayo sometimes comes.

“How are you studying? I’ve made coffee, would you like to take a break?”

“Ah, thank you…”

Mayo came to my room with flax colored hair that reached her chest and fluffy eyes.

When we were still sleeping together at middle school Mayo’s body started to have some irregularity, and in the latter half of middle school the irregularities became noticeable so we couldn’t sleep together anymore.


In terms of cup size i think it was the third from bottom (C cup)

(TLN: pukes blood)

When Mayo comes to teach me, she often has a slightly sweet scent and I can’t concentrate…

(TLN: I’m die thank you forever)

But thanks to Mayo teaching me, I can safely pass the university exam.

One day.

“Hiroto! We’re going to go eat at Mayo’s house, you can’t stay home cause it’s also your celebration!”

My mom suddenly said, i don’t hate it though.

When we arrived at Mayo’s house there was already a lot of sushi and yakitori, there’s even beef stew and spaghetti that Mayo’s mom made last night. It’s really delicious!

“Tonight let’s drink to our heart’s content to celebrate Hiroto’s graduation!”

You just want to get drunk don’t you?

I silently tsukommi’d in my mind and smiled awkwardly.

“You just want to drink don’t you mom?”

“Ara~ i got caught!”

“Well Kaori, we’re celebrating Hiroto’s and Mayo’s graduation so please drink moderately.”

Mayo’s dad plays the role of an icebreaker while Mayo’s mom is watching.

“Their highschools was different, but now they’re on the same school again~”

“Nani! Is that true!?”

As a childhood friend I didn’t think about it from that perspective.

Mayo, the beauty, confirms it with a devilish smile.

“Thank you Mayo if it wasn’t for you Hiroto might’ve skipped studying.”

“Yeah, I’ll observe him carefully, fufu…”

A few days after the party Mayo and her mom suddenly came to our house. Well Mayo’s house came to our house frequently so it wasn’t so sudden?

“By the way, can Mayo go together with Hiroto? He’s going to live alone right?”

“Un, It takes two hour to go to the college alone. I want Mayo to live alone there too, but my husband is worried about her and opposes it.”

“It’s a pity then, Hiroto can’t enjoy college life if he had just 2 hours of free time because of his part time work. It would be great if Hiroto doesn’t have to worry about housework~!” (TLN: Ma’am your hint is too obvious.)

“Mayo can do housework better than me so I’m not worried at all.”

“Huh? Mayo can cook? www.”

“Ehh~? You didn’t notice? The stew last night was cooked by Mayo, you know?”

“Mayo made that?”



“I know right?”

“You guys are best friends~”

“It would be great if you guys could live together nee~”

“Yeah! We wouldn’t have to worry about anything~”

“Mom! What are you saying so suddenly!”

“Hmm, did you hate it Mayo?”


“Then Hiroto did you hate it?”
“Me neither…”

“Then it’s decided! The rent will be split in half, what do you think Kaori?”

“Look for a part time job and do your best for food, don’t expect much allowance.”

After that talk it seems like both our father’s agreed.

And so, on the day before the entrance ceremony, we decided to share rooms together.

PR notes:

[1] : They basically meant how children influence each others behaviors

[2] : it’s inevitable, no imouto will escape from oayo

[_] also calm down with the TLNs lol, also this chapter reeks of NTR




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