Chapter 3 – New imouto

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I don’t feel like I’ve been thrown into an amazing shitty video game world, it’s more accurate to say this world is a punishment game. 

Somehow, I fell in a situation probably envied by my previous world’s imouto-moe lover group. 

Sure, Risa once said, “When I grow up, I’ll be onii-chan’s wife,” but that’s just a promise, right? 

Although I’m still unsure on how to treat her for the time being, why am I getting a new one already?

When I went out front, mumbling to myself, I was stopped by Lilishella, who was playing in the yard of the house next door.

[What are you mumbling about, it’s disgusting.]

Her feelings are spilling out. Please, stop saying such poisonous words with that beautiful girl’s face. 

“No, it’s just that, apparently I have a new sister” 


Her eyebrows wrinkled as she glared at me, seemingly doesn’t understand what I was saying. 

“That’s it, that’s the kind of reaction I’d expect.”

I can’t help but smile as she reacts the same way I did earlier. 

“Are you making fun of me?”

[No, it’s just your reaction when you heard it was the same as mine, so I figured we were truly once siblings]

In case anyone else heard that we were former siblings, I couldn’t say it in our language because I didn’t want others to hear that we were former siblings.

‘Hmm’, Lilishella brushed it away and returns to her usual expression

“Okay then, so what do you mean by that?”

“Ehm, apparently from what I heard, we’re going to take my female cousin in”

“Hou~ I see”

That was an unexpected reaction

She put her hand on the fence and leaned over to talk. I guess she was just curious if it was a girl her age who was coming over, maybe it’s a good chance for her to make more friends. 

“So when will she come?”


“Hmm, I hope she’s a good girl.” Lilishella grinned. 

She’s grinning with some sort of hidden intention. That suggestive smile makes me slightly uneasy. 

Wait, if I remember correctly, Risa never had a boyfriend, did she? Don’t tell me, she’s a yuri. But I couldn’t ask her…

“That’s right. If you can, please get along well with her”

“Of course!”

At any rate, a cute girl soon to be my younger sister is not entirely an attractive topic for me. 

Even though Lilishella is a feast for the eyes, there’s that other person within her as well.

I wish a normal, pretty girl without imouto attributes would come along from somewhere.

“By the way, I heard that a school building will be built around here next year, will Yukia go to that school?” 

“Yeah, I guess the kids of local officials like us will have to go, it’s for our future.”

“Oh, I see, we’re in it together then”

Yes, although the scale is small, it has been decided that an elementary school-like thing will be built next year. The lord of this land was very reluctant to accept it, but it seems to be a national project. 

For us who were in high school, primary education is not a big deal. This world’s natural order is very similar to that of the Earth, so if you can read letters and numbers, you won’t have much trouble.

“I’ll see you then”

“Yea- sure”

We parted from each other with our hands out, lightly touching each other. This has been a habit for us since we were siblings as Yukiya and Risa. 

And the next day.

Taken in by my father, a girl of around the same age came to my house.

She seemed to be a relative of mine, and like me and my father, she has dark brown eyes and brown hair. There was no sense of discomfort when she met my family. She had a pretty face and was one year younger than me. She was brought to an unfamiliar place and hid behind my father, looking a little hesitant, and confused when she saw me, my mother, and this house she doesn’t recognize. Even if my father were to introduce me to her as it is, she’s unlikely to come out without being startled. 

It was at this time.

Lilishella appeared from behind.

“Hello, I heard that the sister has arrived, so I came.”

She appeared to be giggling, it seemed like she has some ill-intentions 

(I shouldn’t think about it…)

I thought about it, but I won’t say it. Or rather, I can’t say it either way in this situation

“Welcome, Lilishella …” 

I welcomed her for the time being, albeit forcefully. In response, she winked at me. What was that.. I have a bad feeling about this.

“I’m Lilishella from the house next door. What’s your name?” 

She looked into the face of my new sister and smiled. 

“… Murina …” 

“Yeah, nice to meet you, Murina!” 

When she said so, Lilishella jumped and surprised her by kissing Murina’s cheek instead of greeting her normally

So that’s what it was all about, Risa! 

Oayoooo. TL Notes:

  1. As the story progresses, I realized that there was a distinction between Japanese and another worldly language, so I differentiate it by either using (“”) quote signs for the isekai language or ([]) brackets for Japanese
  2. There she is, fellas, raise your cup and let us feast on this new imouto, Murina! 

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