Chapter 13 – I’m the chief of the ship administration headquarters, and yet, I’m inspecting a drawing of a young girl

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Tokyo Prince Chichibu’s residence

“Hmm Hmm Hmm♪”

“Princess Fujimiya, it seems like you’re in a good mood.”

“Well yes~”

“What are you drawing this time?”


It’s a drawing of a radar and sonar, made specially by Sakurako-chan!

If you hand this over to the higher-ups at the ship administration headquarters, it will speed up the advancement of Japanese radar technology.

“It looks like lightning is coming out of the ship.”

“Does it look that way?”

But lightning doesn’t come from ships…

Sorry for the crappy drawing!

 Tokyo Red Brick Ship Administration Headquarters

“Hmm? Is it possible to send radio waves, receive the radio waves that hit an object and bounced off, then measure the position of the enemy using the information gathered by that?”

“Yes. For example, assuming it is possible to detect up to 200km ahead, if an enemy aircraft arrives at 400km / h, there will be 30 minutes to intercept. “

“So we can buy time to get an interceptor aircraft from a carrier?”

“That would be correct.”

Even if the detectable range is only 100km, this machine detects far farther than a watchman.

If this machine is developed and deployed, watchmen will easily be robbed of their jobs…


“Also, if we had a patrol ship with a radio detector in front of the fleet, the spotting range would be extended even further.”

“I see……”

“With a surface-based radar, it would be possible to detect the enemy fleet at night or in foggy conditions on the surface of the ocean.”

“Based on this picture, that seems to be the case.”

Does this mean that the time will come when night lookouts, who are made to be nocturnal to train their eyes to see at night, will no longer be needed?

Illustration (By Mitemin/みてみん)


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“It’s a very childish drawing.”

“It is a picture drawn by Fujimiya-sama.”

“It was Princess Fujimiya who drew this?”

“This matter is confidential.”

“It’s a top military secret, isn’t it?”

“Yes. That’s what I meant.”


No matter how much Fujimiya-sama is praised to be a member of the royal family, if the world found out that the development of our military weapons are based on a child’s drawing, it would affect the reputation of the military.

“If we had this electric probe, the disaster off the coast of Mihonoseki might have been prevented.”

It would depend on the operation, but at least we would know if there were ships without lights, even at night.

Hmmm, electronic eyes?

“Now then, what is this magnetron?”

“It’s like a kind of vacuum tube that generates microwaves, and it seems that Japan was the first in the world to develop it.”

“What!? We invented it before the Western industrialized countries?!”

“Europe and the United States preceded only the theory, but Japan seems to be the first to succeed in development.”

“Still, isn’t it a great achievement?”

Yes, it is. I only learned about it when I was searching through some papers. A study has already been presented at an academic conference in the United States about eight years ago.

“Nobody is talking about this at all?”

“It was also presented in Japan, but it was not taken seriously at the time. ……”

I feel that the Japanese people’s belief in foreigners since the Meiji era has clouded the eyes of the value of things invented by Japanese people.

“So the usefulness of the technology was not understood at all.

“It seems that transmitting a radio wave was perceived akin to lighting a lantern in the dark to let the enemy know your position. That seems to be how they perceived it.”

“I’ve heard that story. I thought the same because during the operation, the radio was blocked until it was found by the enemy. “

“That’s right. Perhaps because of that, the United States held the magnetron patent first.”

“What a mess…..”

“If we don’t correct the military’s scientific illiteracy, we will be severely punished someday.”

Similarly, this antenna thing is another device that was never understood properly.


“However, Dr. Uda received the Imperial Academy Prize for his research on VHF radio waves in 1932.”

Is that the award that Lieutenant General Hiraga on Shipbuilding also won?

“By the way, Dr. Hiraga also won the award, although the minister preferred the design of the late Maj. Gen. Fujimoto.”

“I feel sorry for Fujimoto-san.”

Warships built with his advanced ideas would have been better suited in the upcoming era……

It’s already too late to think about that.

“I was swayed by the soldiers’ beliefs.”

“The problem is that there are too many people who are ignorant of the structure of warships, even though they are Navy officers.”

A warship is the crystallization of the most advanced technology available, and it is a pity that people only know little about the technology in the ship.

“First of all, I would like you to renew the idea of ​​being heavily armed.”.

“However, it is doubtful that we could have such a flexible mind if we were not assigned to the Imperial Japanese Navy Technical Department.”

“I think it’s a sign of a man’s ability to think flexibly when desperate situations can change him.”

“I’m afraid I’ll be labeled a maverick by the others.”

“That’s for sure. ……”

Even the rigid bureaucrats, who are often criticized for their lack of flexibility, can change their thoughts on a subject if the situation asks for it, which is a welcome development because it allows us to look at things from different perspectives.

“That being said, that thing in the painting that is pointed at the submarine in the water is a sound wave, correct?”

“Yes, it is. In addition, magnetic and other detection devices are also effective against submarines.”

“In the last war, our Imperial Navy suffered from German U-boats in the Mediterranean Sea, so a device that can detect submarines is very important.”

The fear of being attacked at any moment by an unseen enemy is terrifying.

“The Imperial Navy seems to have a tendency to neglect anti-submarine warfare.”

“It seems that the lessons learned in the Mediterranean are not being put to good use.”

“After all, it was only a battle to help the British. That’s probably what most people felt about it.”

But the problem is that the majority of people in the military still think that way.

Do they think that what was done to the British will not be done to Japan, who is a fellow island nation?

It is very worrisome.

“In the future, it will be difficult to win a modern war unless the military personnels become familiar with science and technology and use them to their advantage.”

“I feel like my mind has been blocked by the victory in the Battle of Tsushima.”

It’s as if a victory is a kind of poison with delayed effects.

“It’s a massive problem…. In contrast, Fujimiya-sama seems to be very intelligent.”

“Perhaps it’s the flexible thinking of a child.”

But even if Princess Fujimiya is a member of the royal family, is it possible for a child to know and understand the most advanced science and technology?

Well, maybe it’s something we shouldn’t even think about.

If the idea is useful, it is the duty of the military personnel to make use of it.

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