Chapter 12 – An English Gentleman Must Be Graceful

[TL: Quertzy | PR: Celutic]

“What we want from you is to prolong the life of the British Empire.”


What did this man just say? Did he say something about…… life extension?

“I’m sorry sir, I think I had some trouble hearing you. Would you mind repeating that?”

“Sure. As I said, what we want from you is to prolong the life of the British Empire.”

Apparently, I was not deaf.

I am glad to know that, but what I just heard was not pleasing to me……

Wasn’t it Japan’s request that our country mediate in China?

How does that suddenly become a discussion about the future of OUR country?

I have no idea……

”‘Life extension?’ That doesn’t sound very benign.”

What is it about the British Empire’s life that needs extending? I had a bad feeling, he said it like it was a ticking time bomb.

No country in history, ancient or modern, has ever prospered indefinitely.

“Hmm, that’s true, but… But it sounds like Foreign Minister Yoshida thinks there’s only five or ten years to spare?”

Yes, this is where it gets. By asking us to “prolong its life”, it sounds as if he is saying that the British Empire is already suffering from a disease.

It sounds as if our Empire is going to collapse in the near future!

“Foreign Minister Eden knows that there is a very strong possibility that Nazi Germany, led by Mr. Hitler, will start a second war in Europe within a few years.”

“Certainly, that is more than possible. But will it lead to the immediate collapse of the British Empire?”

Great Britain is an island nation. Even in the unlikely event of another war with Germany, Germany, as an army nation, would not be able to defeat the island of Britain.

This was proven in the last European war.

The weakness of Germany is that its economy could be constricted by a blockade of the sea using submarines, but we would still not be able to occupy its home country.

“It may not be directly tied, but it could be a trigger.. Which country was the most profitable in the last war?

The first would be the United States, and the second would be Russia, which overthrew the Empire. The next most gained would be Eastern Europe, the Baltic states, and Finland, which gained independence.

The most annoying thing is that the colonisers were the ones who gained the most.

Japan, too, gained a lot by using our country and the other European countries as stepping stones!

But how can the country that gained the most profits during the first world war trigger something that may lead to the collapse of the British Empire?


No way! … No, that future is quite possible.

“Correct. After the last European War, the prosperity of the British Empire began to fade.”

It was America that snatched away our prosperity, wasn’t it?

Well, it can be said that Japan also snatched some of it, but let us consider it a trivial matter for now.

In other words, the downfall of the British Empire has led to the prosperity of the United States.

Yes, I understand enough without saying it all out in the open!

No, no, no, don’t let your emotions overflow. Anthony, you must calm down.

A British gentleman must be graceful.

“Your country, the Empire of Japan, is not amused by the prosperity of the United States?”

“To some extent, it would be beneficial for us in terms of trade to have the U.S prosper. But we don’t want the U.S. to be the sole winner.”

I see……

In other words, does Japan think that a balance of power is desirable? Indeed, it is a nightmare for Japan, which is glaring at the United States across the Pacific Ocean, that the colonists, who account for half of the world’s productivity, will increase their national power…

But as a British gentleman, I would be more than happy to watch Japan and the U.S. fight each other, whilst sipping a cup of Darjeeling tea and watching from a high vantage point with elegance.

Japan is an island nation surrounded by the sea on all sides, so even if it were to go to war with the U.S, it would still be able to fight for two or three years. It takes a lot of effort to occupy an island nation and bring it to its knees.

We can sell our favours to both sides by arranging a peace when the time is right.

This is the kind of diplomatic sense that only the British Empire could have.

Mm-hmm. It is a role befitting a gentleman of grace and elegance.

However, it is a headache that our British Empire, who is the neighbour of the United States across the Atlantic, is in a similar situation. Even though we are Anglo-Saxons, the same as the colonists, we don’t get along very well with the US.

Besides, the smell of Europe is so tantalising right now, we are closer to war than they are. That too, is a joke that can’t be laughed at.

Assuming that war breaks out in Europe, the U.S. will be vastly enriched by loans, arms sales, and munitions sales to their country.

“And we would be in enormous debt to the United States.”

Even if we win the war against Germany, our country still won’t be able to breathe a sigh of relief!

It would be better not to go to war.

So is war nothing but an enormous waste of wealth and resources? [TLN: Yes]

I see. Is this what you meant when you said that non-intervention on the continent would do the least damage to our country?

“If that were to happen, the sterling pound will significantly reduce its value as the world’s key currency”

“Mmmm…… you mean that the dollar would replace it as the world’s key currency?”

That is simply unacceptable.

It is necessary to maintain your presence in order to avoid creating a situation in which the U.S. is the sole victor.

“Is it necessary to prolong the life of the British Empire?

“There are undiscovered oil fields in Manchuria.”

“Oil fields in Manchuria?

The conversation suddenly went in the opposite direction.

But this was a pleasant surprise.

But still, how can you say they exist when they have not been discovered? Isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

I feel that Japanese people tend to use roundabout phrases, which is a little tiresome.

Well, it is a matter that can be investigated  in secret.

“Yes, although the oil quality is poor, there seems to be a plentiful amount.”

“Poor oil quality means poor profitability.”

However, if the amount is also large, mining in large quantities will improve profitability..

And if there were oil fields in Manchuria, it would improve Japan’s fuel situation and drastically change its strategy.

But why bother telling us about it at this undisclosed stage?

“Would your country be interested in an joint oil field development venture in Manchuria?”

“That is a very interesting proposal.”

I see, I see. So you want to use our country as a check against the U.S. and Rockefeller? [1]

Now I understand why Japan is approaching us again.

“Of course, it will be a joint venture with one of our Japanese companies.”

“That is your right, of course.”

Since Manchuria is Japan’s territory, I do not believe that our country can monopolize the oil fields in Manchuria and develop them independently. We are not arrogant enough to think so.

If this were an African colony or something, it would be a different story.

“I don’t care if it is Anglo-Persian or Royal Dutch Shell.” [2]

“Can we handle the coordination with the Rothschilds and the Netherlands?”

“Your government’s governance will be necessary.”

What? Japan is willing to help us for our country’s sake? [TLN: “ほう? 日本は我が国に対して、忖度してくれるということか。” not sure about this one…]

So, it seems that Anglo-Persian is more convenient than Royal Dutch Shell.


Maybe it would be better to talk to both of them and let them bid on it, so that there will be fewer problems later on.

Or is it better to get Holland involved too?

Hmmm …… That’s a no.

Despite appearances, Holland is quite the troublemaker.

After all, would Anglo-Persian be better than Shell?

Tokyo, Prince Chichibu’s residence 

“Fujimiya-sama, can you really know the location of resource deposits by using a dangling weight hanging over a map like this?”

“I can tell roughly where they are.”

Well, I’m actually just using the knowledge from my previous life!

“Is that true? ……”

Hmm… this guy doesn’t seem to believe in me.

Despite being my attendant!

“‘A prediction may or may not come true, only god knows what will happen’, or something like that”

“That phrase means ‘don’t worry about good or bad fortunes’, right?”


“Whatever, it’s effective even if it just narrows down the scope of your search!”

“Is that what it is? ……”

That’s right!

  1. John D. Rockefeller, widely considered the wealthiest american of all time, occupation dealing with the oil industry (
  2. Both are oil companies

[TLN: I don’t really understand what happened in the last part as well… 


But I think i got it… 

btw, when I decided to pick this up, i didn’t know the author started updating chapters again after like 3 years… It was just too good to be wasted]

PR: when you put a [1] next Rockefeller I swear I was gonna see a rockefeller street reference, but there wasn’t one. thank god.







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