Chapter 2 – Is it okay to just say, “Well, fine then”?

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Risa……, or rather Lilishella, who learned an unexpected truth that seemed impossible, looked up and screamed to the sky for a moment, and then fell silent. Then, when I finally thought I had opened my mouth, she said something along the lines of “Well, fine then…”. 

What is “fine”, I don’t understand, I can’t read what she’s thinking. But originally, there was always a part of Risa that I, her older brother, couldn’t understand. 

Although this is another world, our fundamental way of thinking should be still the same. I know you still won’t answer me even if I ask you. I sighed, but only a little, so she wouldn’t notice. 

At that time, I was confused about whether I should feel regret that my sister couldn’t survive or a sense of relief that she was actually close to me. 

Of course, I feel sorry for my parents who were left behind because we, siblings, died.

“We’re both dead, and we left our parents behind, did we?”

“Looks like it, but I heard onii-chan’s voice before I died, so I thought I was the only one who died…”

Risa made a slight lonely face, she must be thinking about something. 

“…yeah, well, with that said, I hope we can still get along well from now on” 

That’s the word I tried so hard to come up with. I don’t have anything better to say, and I feel sorry for myself.

“Please treat me well, onii-chan”

She takes my hand and thus Risa… no, Lilishella turns a smile on her face. Anyway, this whole situation makes me wonder what the future will hold.

At least for me, there’s definitely something more important than just being her childhood friend. 

This time, I thought about protecting my little sister, who had died with me. After all, I believe I still have the responsibility as an older brother. 

However, with this, my “beautiful childhood friend lover plan” reached a sudden stop. 

No, there should be no ethical or legal issues. However, when I think that she’s still my former real sister from within, I don’t think I can approach her. I’m not at all sure how I’m going to treat her before making sure of it. Is she my younger sister or just a childhood friend?

Whether she knew my feelings or not, her interest shifted to the flowers that bloomed at her feet as before.

I may be an idiot for worrying about such a thing

Seeing Lilishella walking and humming a tune, I wanted to poke her in the back of the head and tell her that she should be a little worried too…. But I won’t do it because I’m scared of what would happen later 

Three years have passed since that shocking event. 

My relationship with Lilishella remains surprisingly good. The only difference is that the wall of her vigilance against me, which had existed before that, has disappeared, but this time I feel like I’m the one who’s drawing the line between us siblings.

It’s just that, I don’t know how to approach her. I’m not even sure what she’s thinking. Is it okay for me to treat her simply as a simple childhood friend, or are we supposed to be siblings?

On this day as well, I went out to play with Lilishella and came back without being able to measure the right sense of distance… Immediately after returning home, I was surprised by a piece of news from my father, Mardeau. 

“Yukia, you’re going to have a sister. Please take good care of her”


I was surprised by the sudden information. My mother didn’t seem to be pregnant, so she couldn’t have a child today or tomorrow. Moreover, if you’re pregnant, you can’t tell if it’s going to be a female. My father stroked my confused head and began to explain. 

From what I heard, my father’s sister and her husband died from an epidemic and my grandparents had raised their only daughter who had no parents until now, it seems that my father had taken over her. In summary, I have a new cousin coming up.

Although it’s my cousin, I have never met her. 

I’m going to have a blood-related sister when I already have my hands full with the “sister” next door. What should I do?

Oayoo. These are just a few TL notes, you can ignore this. 

  1. Rather than “Well, fine then”, maybe it’s more correct to phrase it as “Well, whatever”, but either way works
  2. Yeah, I’m using ‘onii-chan’ instead of ‘brother’, we all know it’s a more superior way of calling a brother, hehe
  3. So even though it’s a “cousin”, we’re still going to call it a “sister” more often following the raw, we’re just going to stick with it, don’t question it 

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