Chapter 1 – I have no idea what’s what

Translator: oayo | Proofreader: Celutic

I can’t move my body that well. Ah~ Of course, it must be because of that accident…

What the-, my hands are like a baby’s. 

Eh, what.. what’s going on here?

This is weird… I’m sure at that time…

I’m confused, but I’m desperately trying to remember.

My name is Ooyama Yukiya.

On the last day of my high school summer vacation, I went shopping with my sister Risa at the train station. 

But to put it precisely, I was her baggage handler while my sister was shopping 

We’re not on bad terms, but I think this kind of thing was supposed to be a boyfriend’s job. But even so, if I mentioned it out loud, I’m sure my sister’s iron fist will fly at me. If I’m careless, she may as well stop talking to me after that. So with all that said, I know that the best way to avoid trouble is to go out with her anyway. 

“You don’t have a girlfriend anyway, do you? So why don’t you just take this cute sister of yours instead?”

I said “no” at one point, but she forced me to go anyways. 

After shopping, I carry the luggage and board the bus to return home. The bus started moving shortly after. It was when we were about to pass the intersection, I doubted my own eyes. From the right side of the road, which should’ve been a red light, came a large trailer rushing in without slowing down. 

“Watch out!”

“Eh- what?”

I called out to Risa, but it was too late. Immediately afterward, the trailer violently crashed into the side of the bus. The momentum was enough to lift the bus into the air for a moment, then it rolled over and slammed into the ground. 


After being thrown out of the chair, we were slammed all over, we were screaming. I tried to move my body, but the pain ran through my whole body and I couldn’t feel anything. 

Is my sister safe? I need to check on her, but I couldn’t even move my head anymore. I could only see her image a little in the corner of my eye, she moved slightly. 

“Ri… Sa…”

I couldn’t reach out to her. Gradually, the surrounding noise became inaudible and my eyelids became heavier 

And thus the darkness came.

It had to be.

But when I finally opened my heavy eyelids, I was in this situation. I still couldn’t understand what was going on. While I’m struggling, a young woman is looking into my face while muttering some language I don’t quite recognize. Is she a nurse?

No, she’s blonde. And she wasn’t talking in English, it was a language I have never heard of. 

“Who?” I was trying to say it, but the words wouldn’t come out well

Then I realized.

This is reincarnation, isn’t it? She is my mother, and I was given a new life.

However, I’m not so sure about reincarnation with my memories still intact. It’s very hard to be a baby with this memory and consciousness, I’m restricted because I can’t move properly.

But even so, there is nothing I can do about it, so I’ll just have to accept it. First, let’s start by grasping this unknown language…….

Five years have passed since I died.

My name is Yukia, a name that somehow sounds like my previous life.

For the time being, I’ve become able to understand language, and now I’m also starting to understand this world. And there’s something else I found out. 

This is not Earth.

I never thought that in reincarnation, I would be born on another planet that is not Earth. But amidst all the cultural inconveniences and all the depressing stuff, there was one good thing. The girl next door was very pretty. Her name is Lilishella.

Although she is five years old, she is still mentally a high school student, so I’m not a pedophile, but she has a figure that makes me think that she will become a beautiful woman in the future. Brown hair and brown eyes. Her parents are also good-looking, so there’s no doubt about her future. And since she was born on the same day as me, we’re childhood friends, so there’s nothing better than to get along with her.

We are neighbors, we play well together, and we are not bad friends. I was thinking that I would like to make her my future wife if possible, and then something happened that shook my intentions.

One day, we were playing outside.

“You’re so cute.”

Her appearance while picking flowers looked so beautiful that I mumbled in Japanese so that Lilishella wouldn’t understand

It was at that moment.


Lilishella’s expression suddenly changed, and she came up to me.

“Yukia, what did you just say?”

“Eh-… I said you were cute…”

Following the momentum, I answered her truthfully, but Lilishella’s expression didn’t change. 

“No- not that! I mean, what you just said previously” 

She didn’t seem convinced by the word cute. I had no choice but to answer again in Japanese.

“…… cute”

“Why in Japanese?”

I’m not sure if she’s going to kiss me or not, but she’s coming so close to my face that I think she’s going to kiss me. I’ve almost kissed her before as a joke, but I’m still a little nervous because I’ve never attempted it.

No, not that!. Doesn’t she speak in Japanese too!

“…Eh, I’m not sure what you mean by that. Why is Lilishella speaking Japanese?

“That’s what I’m asking you!”

She was so vigorous about it that she might as well be angry 

“Oh …… I was a high school student in Japan. I had a bus accident, and before I knew it, I was reincarnated here. Furthermore, I remember when I was a Japanese…”

“Eh, Yukia too? I was the same… my last memory was having a bus accident with my brother…”

The coincidence that we died under similar circumstances sends chills down my spine. She has the same memory as I do, I don’t want to remember it, but I need to hear it.

“…… Lilishella, what was your name before?”

“Risa ……”


I was speechless

“What do mean by ‘ha’? Don’t tell me… Yukia’s name was…”


“Haaaaaaa!? Aren’t you my brother?!”

I had a pretty cute childhood friend in my previous life, but we never got into a relationship or anything like that. But this time, there’s a problem before I could try going into that sort of relationship …… What should I do?






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    I recommend making her former name Lisa. Risa is fine as a name, but her past name seems to be somewhat echoed in her present one, as with the protagonist. In terms of that element, it’s best to have no R/L swapping for a western audience that perceives them as quite distinct.

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