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Chapter 56 – Exam Day

|| TL: miyakriko || On the morning of the day of the exam, we were all gathered together and brought before Rose. “Good morning, today is the day of the exam that we have been preparing for” Rose greeted us formally. Femu and Fia were nervous, San seemed sleepy, Isuna was as usual, and Anna […]

Chapter 55 – Father and Employer

|| TL: miyakriko || “What? Huh? This thug… I mean this gentleman… huh?” The Demon Lord Hazal. There is little information about his existence in the human world. What is known is that he is the leader of the various demon tribes that were scattered and now unified under his rule. This means that he’s […]

Chapter 11 – Experimental Farm

|| TL: miyakriko || Draglake – formerly known as the Rock Castle and now called the “Great Tree Castle” – was located near the Experimental Farm. “Prince Adonis… what is this?” The young man named Luke, who had been elected as the new village chief of Mirmoos Village through the votes of the villagers, could […]

Chapter 10 – Even if These Hands Get Dirty

|| TL: miyakriko || Standing at the back of the room, Adonis, wielding a cane, had a suspicious gleam in his right hand and both eyes. “Huh?! The prince?!” “You fool… You should have hid! I’ll peel off that cute little face of yours!” One shadow kicked the floor and rushed forward with a sadistic […]

Chapter 9 – Awakening Skill [Dragon’s Protection]

|| TL: miyakriko || “Well, even if we say agriculture, it’s not like we can start right away. We also don’t have enough manpower,” Adonis said with a smile while Yggdrasil reached out to the ground. Then, trees grew again from there, and the branches extended over the canal, forming fruit-like shapes resembling ships. They […]

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Becoming a God starts from Kingdom Building

In this world, the power of faith is the omnipotent authority. Odin, who accidentally obtained the pseudo-artifact, was able to collect the power to convert beliefs, so Baron Odin, as a small lord, started a conscientious way of farming…

The High Spec Mob, turned the tables on a Deserted Island

ハイスペック陰キャ、無人島で逆転するHaisupekku Kage kya, Mujintō de Gyakutensuru Hajime Tamura is a high school sophomore who doesn’t stand out in class. He has a different sense of values from others, and his words and actions have made him a loner. One day, he receives confessions from the three most beautiful girls in his high school. Hajime seriously […]

I decided to share a room with my childhood friend

幼なじみとルームシェアする事になりました。。。 My childhood friend Mayo. She is a beautiful girl in the eyes of the general public. But in my eyes she’s just my younger sister. Both of us decided to go to a university far from home and share a room. Both of their parents are close friends and wants to stick them together. […]

Miya-sama ni TS Tensei

宮様にTS転生したけど、第二次大戦が目前の日本で既に詰んでる気がするMiya-sama ni TS tensei shitakedo, dai ni ji taisen ga mokuzen no nippon de sudeni tsunderu ki ga suru https://ncode.syosetu.com/n4960en/ The protagonist TS reincarnated into a royal princess which doesn’t exist in historical fact. In a chaotic era where militarism gained momentum. Sakurako-san struggles to avoid the historical history, even though she is about to […]

I’m cohabiting with the most beautiful girl in school, but she’s too much of a yandere!

学校一の美少女と半同棲状態だがヤンデレ過ぎてヤバい!Gakkō ichi no Bishōjo to han Dōsei Jōtai da ga Yandere sugite Yabai! Enomoto Iruka is an ordinary first-year high school student. For some reason, he is living together with Hamamiya Kaya, a beautiful girl who is famous at school. It’s the perfect situation for a high school boy, but Kaya is a complete and […]

I’m a Realist, but I Get Caught up in a Youthful Romantic Comedy

現実主義者の俺が青春ラブコメに巻き込まれる The main character, Kazuma Sasahara, a realist, leads a rational high school life in order to enter a good university, but he is caught up in various adolescent romantic comedy events. What choice will Kazuma make? And what is it that makes an ideal high school life? The story pursues this question through Kazuma’s […]

The Case of the Salaryman and His Beautiful Boss

地味な平社員の俺が何故か歳上の美人上司に迫られてる件 This is the story of the daily battles between a plain office worker who wants to separate his work and private life, and his beautiful female superior who has taken a liking to him. How far will he withstand her advances?And how far will she make her advances? Have a look at this romantic […]

I Ended Up Staying In My Sister’s Room As Punishment, And I Became A Siscon.

罰として妹の部屋で過ごす事になった俺は、シスコンになった As a punishment, the main character, who has a bad lifestyle, spends his time in his diligent sister’s room. The main character opposes this punishment because she cares about her sister, but she is surprisingly welcoming. “I’m with my sister 24/7” TL: Haha, yes. It’s me, Oayo, and I’m back again with another incest […]

I was reincarnated as a creepy fat guy, then trained myself without sleep. And then, for some reason, the heroines start approaching me

キモデブの竿役に転生した俺は、寝取ることはせず、体を鍛える。すると、なぜかヒロインたちが寄ってくるんだけど When I woke up, my body had changed from a thin macho to a highly obese, grossly overweight high school student. This is impossible. I was in despair, but then I realized that I was in the world of an erotic manga I had read long ago. In the story of this world, I, […]

cute childhood friend is my ex-sister

転生したら可愛い幼馴染の中身が一緒に死んだ妹だったんだが、俺はどうしたらいい?When I was reincarnated, my cute childhood friend was a younger sister who died with me. What should I do? A heartwarming, sisterly romantic comedy. It’s a little awkward story about an ex-sister and an ex-brother who can’t be together due to their ties of being an ex-sibling. I, Yukiya Ooyama, was killed in a […]

Ryuou-sama no Saikyou Kokka Senryaku ~Ryuhime wo Shitagaeta Moto Ouji wa Skill [Ryuou] no Chikara de Hanki wo Hirugaesu~

竜王様の最強国家戦略 ~竜姫を従えた元王子はスキル【竜王】の力で反旗を翻す~ Adonis, the third prince of the Klondike kingdom (クロンダイグ王国), the largest country on the continent, was troubled. He didn’t had any idea about how to use his skill, which everyone in this world is born with, or how effective it really was. In the Klondike kingdom, it’s common knowledge that those who cannot use […]

My Daughter Is the Final Boss

My daughter destroyed the world. At the end of the divergence, I died helplessly. When I opened my eyes again, my five-year-old daughter was in front of me. Stop Seol-ah Lee’s five misfortunes. (0/5) Chance given once again. If I raise her incorrectly, the world will perish.

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